Best Deals to Restock Food After Hurricane Irene

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


After Hurricane Irene, many people have been or are still without power in the Tri-State area. Living Rich with Coupons ( has put together a comprehensive list of the best deals to restock perishable foods. This list will help people to restock items that they lost and still stay within their budget. Perishables such as milk, eggs, butter and meats are included in the list which consist of deals from stores such as ShopRite, Pathmark and Stop & Shop.

“Many of my readers have come to me to let me know that their power has been out since Saturday night,” states Living Rich with Coupons founder, Cindy Livesey. “They told me that they have lost most of their necessary perishable items, such as milk, cheese, and eggs. I felt like a list of best prices on perishable items at each store in the area could be very beneficial after Hurricane Irene.”

Living Rich With Coupons teaches its readers how to save extreme amounts of money by using coupons found online and in newspapers. By breaking down the steps for beginners as well as advanced couponers, Cindy makes it easy to find the best deals fast and also shows how to use those savings to benefit others.


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