Bobby's Burger Palace - Paramus, New Jersey

610 Bergen Town Center Paramus 07652
Submitted by Anthony Onaf


Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP) presents 10 signature burgers inspired by Chef Bobby Flay's extensive travels throughout America and love of the grill in a convenient casual setting.

From north to south, coast to coast, each BBP burger is Bobby's tribute to America's regional flavors and traditions, made with Certified Angus Beef and served on a sesame seed bun. Sides such as French Fries served with BBP Fry Sauce and Beer Battered Onion Rings along with Griddled Cheese sandwiches, Milkshakes & Malteds, sodas, and alcoholic refreshments are available to create the ultimate BBP meal. 

All burgers may also be prepared with ground turkey, chicken breast or served Topless, where the burger is simply stacked onto a bed of greens without the bun.

Bobby also reminds you to get your burger crunchified, which means to top any BBP burger with crisp potato chips at no additional cost.


Street Address: 610 Bergen Town Center Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone Number: 201.368.7001
Executive Chef: Bobby Flay


610 Bergen Town Center Paramus 07652

1 Reviews

  • Anthony Onaf (listing owner)
    10/10/11 02:09
    Lively and colorful atmosphere with great food. The burgers are delicious and seasoned well. I like that the menu is simplified. The prices can get hefty, but its gourmet burgers so its to be expected. If you ask to get crunchified then chips are added to your burger with no additional charge. The french fries taste like the potatoes were just picked out the farm field. I will definitely be back to try another burger.
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