El Taco Loco - Perth Amboy, New Jersey

308 State Street Perth Amboy 08861
Submitted by Anthony Onaf
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El Taco Loco is a Tex-Mex styled restaurant, with authentic ingredients and blended seasons. It's a quaint spot at 308 State Street in downtown Perth Amboy. The food is delightful with a bit of tang in every bite. Tacos, fajitas, rice & beans, etc. are the type of items you can expect on the menu here. It's a great place to enjoy some freshly made Tex-Mex meals.


Street Address: 308 State St., Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Phone Number: (732) 376-0300


308 State Street Perth Amboy 08861

1 Reviews

  • Walt
    10/07/11 11:52
    I was disappointed to learn they didn't serve hard shell tacos, which are my favorite, so I had to settle for a soft shell corn tortilla. I had chicken tacos which was freshly prepared, but kinda bland. It wasn't a disappointing meal, but its nothing to write home about. I live about 20 miles from here, so its an out of the way location for me, therefore I'd probably not eat here again or at least not for a long while. If it was in my area or a place I passed by routinely then I would probably stop in from time to time to enjoy a meal.
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