How To Easily Cook and Shuck Corn On The Cob

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


You've been doing it wrong.  There's a smarter and easier way to cook corn and remove its leafy layers.  Most people peel the silk off the corn first, then cook the cob, but with this new method you first cook the cob with the silk still attached, then quickly and easily shuck the corn on the cob from the leaf pouch by chopping off one end and sliding it out of the leaf without peeling.

Krock tells us to cook the corn in the microwave for 4.5 minutes while it's still wrapped in its silk.  Then when cooked, cut the end of the corn and easily slide it out of its silk packaging.  This is a simple and easy technique that will have you chomping down your corn on the cob much quicker.

Check out the video below to get the idea and learn the easy method for cooking and shucking corn on the cob.


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Cooking and Peeling Corn on the Cob


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