Martorano’s at Harrah's Resort Opens Its Doors

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


Steve Martorano, a Philly native started from the bottom and now he's here.  Being an inner city Italian kid coming up in the streets of Philadelphia with a family full of criminal pasts, Steve, never thought he'd make it to the level of succes he has garnered.  It's an amazing feat and great story of a man turning nothing into something.

He started his first successful restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back in 1993.  Then opened additional restaurants in Hollywood, FL and Las Vegas, NV.  People immediately flocked to Martorano's to enjoy a night out.  

Steve put a unique spin on his restaurants.  He'd play mob movies on the big screen televisions that were lined throughout the establishment, he'd play Sinatra and slow tempo soul music through the speakers, and serve great tasting dishes, that would have you coming back for more.  

People danced at their tables and partied into the night at his restaurants.  Now, Steve is bringing a bit of flare to the Atlantic City nightlife, by opening his signature Martorano's restaurant at Harrah's Resort in AC.

Martorano's is famous for its meatballs and gravy dish.  It's revered as one of the best tasting meatballs in the world.  In his new book "It Ain't Saouce, It's Gravy" he explains his secret to his meatballs.


777 Harrah's Blvd 

Atlantic City, NJ 08041


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