REVIEW: GrilleStone Classic American Bar & Grille

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


For the first time I ate at GrilleStone Classic American Bar & Grille in Scotch Plains @ 2377 Route 22 West.  I've been passing by this establishment for a long time, but never stopped in until the other day.  What a fool I was, because the place is very likeable.  Upon entering the decor was decked out in a black/white color coordination, which truly flowed well.  The staff was friendly, I asked if I could sit at a booth (but the booth wasn't cleared yet) instead of in the middle floor table where they were orignally going to seat us and I didn't get any attitude or bad vibes as some places will give you.  Even though we sat at a booth I had a good view of the bar area and it was nicely sized.  It would be perfect for a small group or after work crowd.

Our waitress was friendly and gave us clarification on some menu items we inquired about.  I myself wanted to try a steak, but since I had a buffet styled lunch I ordered a simple burger for my entree.  My buddy who I dined with ordered fried calamari for an appetizer which we both shared.  The calamari was delicious and was accompanied with a monterey jack cheese type sauce that was scrumptious.

The burger I ordered was a Southern burger which was topped with barbecue sauce, applewood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  I am burger kinda guy and love gourmet burgers so for me to place this burger in my top ten is huge, because I'm a hard critic when it comes to food and taste.  There was absolutely no down side to this burger.  Every bite was tasteful.

The fries were good and went well with the meal, but nothing special about them.  They were just plain old fries, lightly salted.  I washed my meal down with a Long Island Iced Tea from the bar and the drink was perfectly mixed. It wasn't too harsh nor too light.  I guess you can say after one glass I was in the beginning stages of feeling tipsy.  I was coherent and well enough to drive home.

GrillStone was well worth the trip.  I will definitely be back for more.

Staff: A+     |     Cleaniness: B+     |     Food: A+     |     Overall Rating: A

GrilleStone Classic American Bar & Grille | 2377 Route 22 West | Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 | 908-889-8000 | View Listing



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