REVIEW: Muscle Maker Grill In New Providence NJ

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


Last night me and the family headed out to enjoy Muscle Maker Grill in New Providence, NJ @ 1260 Springfield Avenue.  There was one closer to us in Elizabeth, but we wanted to venture out and go for a bit longer drive.  That turned out to be a bad idea as minutes into the drive it started pouring down rain, but this didn't deter us we kept to the plan and headed straight for Muscle Grill in New Providence.

After fighting through the rain and a few minor detours we finally reached our destination.  Upon arrival there was a Smash Burger adjacent to the Muscle Maker Grill.  I never ate at Smash Burger so I was tempted to throw my health kick away and enjoy a juicy burger, but I stayed focused and headed for the door at Muscle Grill. 

I think it's a good idea that they put their full colorful menu on front window so those lingering outside can take a peek at what they have to offer.  There was a mini-gathering in the front by this window menu before entering.  I guess no one ate here yet.  Not sure how long its been in town, but I gather not too long since the locals weren't aware of the offerings.  Even when we left there were others gathering at the window menu display.  We were asked by two separate parties while exiting if the food in there was good!

After browsing the window menu and contemplating if we trade it in for Smash Burger we finally opened the door and walked in because the menu was actually appealing.  The first thing I noticed when entering was the restaurant red/black ambiance.  There was a freshness and cleanliness about the restaurant.  I used the restroom and it was immaculately cleaned, very appealing.  I ordered for myself the Turkey Meatball Parmesan Wrap with a side order of Potato Salad and a Strawberry/Banana Protein Shake

The turkey was well cooked and the wrap was freshly prepared.  It was a wheat wrap stuffed with turkey meatballs, veggies, and parmasean cheese.  When I took my first bite I could immediately taste the freshness of the ingredients.  It was definitely a pleasing experience and I knew I'll be back again for more.  I even opted for one of their punch cards so on my eleventh meal I can eat free.

The potato salad was prepared differently than any potato salad I've ever eaten before.  They used fresh cut cooked red potatoes drenched in balsamic oil making it a fat-free delight.  Although cooked, the potato salad still had a chill which was refreshing, because it looked as if it was served warm.  I think the potatoes were marinated or cooked specially because with each bite I could taste the traditional potato salad we all know and love.  It was a great experience!

The protein shake didn't move me, but you rarely drink protein shakes for the taste.  It was the least favorite of the meal, but it came in a xx-large styrofoam cup which was a meal itself.  I gave half of it to the kids to share.

Muscle Maker Grill is reasonably priced for a restaurant focused on healthy eating, because commonly these type of establishments run the cost up for healthier foods.  It's amazing Rod Silva, the owner has been able to create such fascinating and health conscious dishes at such affordable prices.  My meal cost me under $10 (minus the shake which was $6.00 alone).  

These are the type of establishments we need to see more of, because it gives us other alternatives to our eating choices.

Staff:  A+     |     Cleaniness:  A+     |     Food:  A+     |     Overall Rating:  A+ 

Muscle Maker Grill | 1260 Springfield Ave. | New Providence, NJ 07974 | (908) 464-3177 | View Listing



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