Take or Bake Pizza (Review)

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


Take or Bake Pizza | 1564 Route22 East | Union, NJ 07083 | 908-686-1710

Have you ever eaten at Take or Bake Pizza in Union, NJ on Route 22 (1564 Rt. 22 East) to be exact?  They have amazingly delicious and low-priced LARGE pizzas for only $5 bucks ($4.75 to be exact)!!

This is a great deal.  Not only can you buy a pizza ready to take home and eat now, but you can also buy a frozen pizza which you can store at home in your freezer and bake later or another day.

To keep it real, the taste of the pizza is just your $5 worth.  You don't get explosive taste or spices.  It's what one would expect to eat at an elementary school cafeteria pizza party.  Yeah, we all know that taste!  Good pizza, but not extreme appeal to the taste buds.  However, since Take or Bake is only one of the few restaurants in the area which offer such services its sure to excel.  By far, they deliver a great product at its price.  You get your money's worth.  The pie has 8 generously sized slices.

Take or Bake Pizza offer cheese (mozzarella) styled pizzas and pepperoni topped pizzas.  You can also order Buffalo wings or pretzel sticks.  Overall, I would rate Take or Bake an 6 out of 10.  I wouldn't think Take or Bake if I was having a pizza night, but it'd be my first thought if I was looking for a "cheap" night!

For this time of year Take or Bake is a great option for football or sports parties.  Children will love this pizza, so this is a great kids party food item.  If you've never been here then I'd recommend giving it a try.  I think you'll be impressed!

Staff: B+     |     Cleanliness: C     |     Food: C-     |     Overall Rating: C+

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