This person finds amazing looking Cheetos.  They are real life imitations resembling something familiar.  It's uncanny how these cheese curls bring characters to life.  I'll never eat a Cheeto the same again, I'll always be on the look out for that one curl that has what it takes to reign amongst these legendary Cheetos.

Cheese Curl Of Instagram is making a name for itself, as many people are loving the art work and they've gained quite a following.  Surprisingly, none of the cheese curls have been modified or altered in the slightest way.  This is just how they come out the package.  I can only imagine what this person was doing when they discovered these life-like Cheetos.  I'll just say I'm sure they had the MUNCHIES!  lol.

Check out the glorious artistry,

Cheetos Play Football

Cheetos Evolution

Cheetos Giving High Fives

Cheetos Bullet and Gun

Cheetos Thumbs Up




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