Use Us to Get More Customers In Your Restaurant

Submitted by Anthony Onaf


NJ Places To Eat is building a community.  We strive to become the epicenter for all "food" things in Jersey.  This is just the beginning. Strap on your seatbelts and sit back, its going to be a bumpy ride. 

Good restaurants usually don't have any problems getting customers into its doors, but even good restaurants aren't known to everyone.  A good "talk of the town" restaurant in your neighborhood is probably a restaurant I've never heard about.  Local communities, like NJ Places To Eat is just one more place a restaurant can advertise for exposure. 

Online advertising is great for brand marketing.  Sometimes a person has to see your brand several times before dining at your establishment.  The more advertising opportunites you create for your restaurant then naturally the more business you will get.  Since NJ Places To Eat is focusd on New Jersey restaurants its the best advertising vehicle you can use to get more customers into your doors.

We not only provide advertising space for you we also advertise our web pages and restaurant listings, while encouraging our publishers to do the same.  We use search marketing as a primary marketing method.  Our goal is to drive as much local traffic to our pages as possible, this simply translates into more business for your restaurant and more bang for your buck.  It's a win win situation. 

NJ Places To Eat is better than many dining guides for the simple fact it is precisely targeted.  Most dining guides or restaurant directories are general or targets nationwide with a small section for New Jersey, but instead NJ Places To Eat is a staple in the community.  It focuses on New Jersey restaurants only, so no sharing ad space with restaurants nationwide.  This makes the  traffic more targeted and highly likely that patrons will dine at your restaurant.

You don't advertise just to get your restaurant seen, you advertise because you want real live customers to come through your doors and eat at your establishment, so to that I say "use us".  We are here to be used and abused.  Add your restaurant listing, promote the listing page by sharing the link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and MySpace.  Include the link in your email signatures, user profiles, press releases, etc.  Use the listing page as a portal page to your restaurant.



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