Why Place An Ad On NJ Places To Eat?
If you have a restaurant in New Jersey then you should be asking yourself why not place an ad in NJ Places To Eat?  The exposure you'll receive from having an ad on NJ Places To Eat is unmatched.  People visit NJ Places To Eat for one reason, to find places to eat in New Jersey.  It doesn't get any more targeted than that.  Most people who search NJ Places To Eat are actively looking for a restaurant to eat at that same day, therefore it's imperative that your restaurant is listed so it can be considered as a place to eat.


We are dedicated to being the best restaurant dining guide in the Garden State.  Our focus is driving more business and customers to the restaurants listed in our directory.  To accomplish this we utilize Internet marketing as well as traditional marketing.


Our marketing staff has over 10 years of marketing experience.  We target relevant keywords in major search engines to drive traffic to our restaurant listings.  We also use email makreting, social media marketing, graphical advertising, and other marketing techniques to increase viewership. 


We rely on the NJ community and patrons to help spread the word through word of mouth referrals.  NJ Places To Eat keeps its directory guide fresh and remove any outdated information and mark closed restaurant as such, our online visitors appreciate this maintenance.  We also find the best discounts from restaurants in the tri-state and share them with our visitors.  In addition we periodically send our newsletter recipients coupons, gift cards, offers and other promotional incentives. 


Our online visitors are encouraged to explore new restaurants then come back and share their dining experience.  NJ Places To Eat dining guide is the best link between your restaurant and new patrons.



How Much Does It Cost?
We offer basic and featured listings.  Featured listings receive more exposure and are displayed above basic listings.  Prices can be found here.



How Long Is My Ad Listed?
Basic and featured restaurant ads are listed for a total of one year from the date of purchase.  Event ads are listed for a total of three months.  News and recipes are listed indefinitely.  Learn more about ad placement here.


How Do I Add a Restaurant?

1) Create an account or log into your existing account
2) Once logged in click on "Create new listing" (left-side panel)
3) Choose your metro area then select basic or featured listing (click "Place Ad Here" on far right of each listing)
4) Fill out full restaurant details with description and extra information
5) Add an image (logo) - click BROWSE to select an image then click UPLOAD IMAGE to commit
6) When finish filling out restaurant form click "Create listing" at the bottom of the form page
7) Await listing review and approval (less than 24 hours)
8) Once published, pay invoice or use discount code (if applicable) -- You'll have 72 hours from the date of publication to pay invoice else listing will be removed

* After restaurant listing is created you'll have the option to add additional images, videos, and/or files as well as view statistical data



How Do I Pay An Invoice?

1) Create an account or log into your existing account
2)  Click on "View My Inovices" on the left-side member control panel
3)  Select "Pay Invoice" icon (on the right-side of listings) for the invoice you want to pay
4)  Review info and leave quantity at 1 (unless noted otherwise)
5)  Enter or select "discount coupon code" (if applicable)
6) Select "PayPal" or another available payment method(s)
7) Pay invoice with PayPal account, credit card, or eCheck



How Do I Leave a Review?

1) Create an account or log into your existing account
2) Find a restaurant you'd like to review
3) Give the restaurant a star-rating one thru five with 5 being the best / highest (star ratings can be found at the top of the restaurant listing page / underneath the title)
4) Leave a detailed review at bottom of listing page under "Reviews" tab (next to "Address" tab)
5) After you've written your full review click "Add Review"